“Musicoin will bring a level of transparency and fairness to the music industry that has never been seen before! It has the potential to completely change the way we consume music.”

What is Musicoin?

Musicoin is not just a currency. It’s an ecosystem - one that enables Musicians to release their works, create simplified licenses, and get paid - directly and immediately - every time a music lover listens to a song.

Musicoin employs blockchain and ‘smart contract’ technology to execute a usage contract along with a payment transaction - automatically and seamlessly - each and every time a listener clicks the ‘Play’ button. No industry intermediaries required. No monthly fees. So everybody wins. (Learn more from our whitepaper and roadmap )

Musicoin Wallet

As a platform that uses Musicoin ‘tokens’ (also known as cryptocurrency or ‘appcoin’), users can choose to have their own stand-alone wallet to hold Musicoin (MC), or they can simply use the web-based wallet available on the Musicoin website.
If you'd like to manage your own wallet, you can download our desktop client here:


By using blockchain and smart contract technology, Musicoin is fully transparent to everyone in the world. You can easily view the blockchain and see all contracts and transactions.


Musicoin is for everyone - without barriers. You can use the system freely from anywhere, anytime. Musicoin does not charge a fee to the musicians or the users for playback. 100% of the Pay-per-Play price goes from the listener to the artist.


The whole Musicoin system is fully open source, and everyone can check the source code and help improve it. In addition the platform will have open API for developers to add value based on their ideas.

In the News

"Musicoin lays the groundwork for a new age of music that is sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders"

Are you ready to change the world?