I just love to make music.

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Thanks! I tried but I’ve entered the correct links and they’re still not working :/
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by Carol Kay
Released 2 years ago
Acoustic, Folk & Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary
This is a song I wrote out of frustration of constantly starting over in hopes of fixing things. Believing in the cure of a "fresh start", but really just going in circles of repeated patterns and feeling...Lost. iTunes, Spotify, Google, Amazon: http://smarturl.it/ew88rx --- I get a little bit emotional when I realize how much can happen, how much can change in your life when you make yourself accountable and responsible for what you do and don’t do. I spent many years feeling pitiful for not being where I wanted to be in my career, life, etc, because I spent all of my time comparing to others. Last year I decided to stop doing that. The first thing I did was give myself a deadline to do something I’ve always wanted to do...and then something amazing happened. Suddenly, the idea of taking a moment to compare myself to others negatively seemed like a colossal waste of time because I had a deadline to meet, and important work to be done. Accountability. I wrote this song right before I started doing all of that that. My message here today, friends, is this...STOP comparing. Go make a list of 3 projects you’ve always wanted to do, and go do them. But like....actually, do them. Thanks so much for listening!!