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Hello All, I am the drummer for this band and I just wanted to give a little insight on our creation process. Our music is played live. What you hear is one take - one live recording, mistakes and all. No sheet music is read, although we have that capability, we improvise through the whole song. Once our music is fully recorded we master the levels and may add some effects to enhance our vision of the song. That's basically it. Hope you enjoy!
Releases by Anthony Vescio
by Anthony Vescio
Released 1 year ago
Beats & Instrumentals, Ambient, Dance & EDM, Dancehall, Electronic, Experimental, Sounds & FX, Soundtrack, Techno, Trance
by Anthony Vescio
Released 1 year ago
Alternative Rock, Ambient, Country, Electronic, Experimental, Indie, Live Recordings, Trance
Original music by the Elwood James Band.