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Releases by Chinatown Music
by Chinatown Music
Released 2 years ago
Pop, Rock, World, Anime, C-Pop, Mandopop
A collaboration between indie musicians in Australia, China and Japan, Light Year takes you on a journey to a galaxy far far away, where the fight song has started, a group of friends on a starship are banding together in an ultimate battle for peace on Earth. Science fiction and fantasy give us hope for the future, no matter it’s real or fictional. This is probably because when we construct surreal dystopian storylines from a futurist perspective, all we want is just finding Neverland, even if it’s only in the circus of our curious and naive minds. Lyrics of science fiction style paired with energetic melody, and accompanied by j-rock arrangement with a touch of the flavor of anime music; lively drums paired with dynamic 5-string bass, and accompanied by two 7-string guitars each playing their own complementary parts; bright lead vocal paired with multiple layers of backing vocal, and accompanied by a structure of different kinds of arrangement. All of these give the recording a distinction and make it shine. Listen, it’s the fight song of the galaxy. Also available on your favorite music services: https://cmu.sc/ltblly Complete Mastered for iTunes-certified audio in Hi-Res Audio format available for purchase at https://chinatownmusic.co