YouTube users kept asking for my Song “Dough” & The Caratlanta 💿 CD was born.

Yung Tesla the Rap Genius. Talented songwriter / Singer, Executive Producer

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Shout out to Luna Raé 🎅🏽 Happy holidays 🎁
Yung Doom Tesla on Dough  12 months ago
Thanks Lorenzo! & I thank you too Gohn John
Yung Doom Tesla on Dough  12 months ago
Thank you Chosen B2B!
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by Yung Doom Tesla
Released 1 year ago
Hip-hop & Rap, R&B & Soul, Pop, Electronic
This is a great way to hear new music 🔥 Special thnks to those that tip! 💴🙏 Dough is off my Debut album Caratlanta 💿