Stefan Soare chases his dream of being a respected Producer and Dj so he can comply his project-life of helping communities and animals in danger to be extinct through music, comunication, education, merging in electronic music,live audio-visual shows and immersive sound experiences.

Born on September 15th,1990 in Bucurestii (Romania) and raised there till 11 years old when he moved with his family to Buenos Aires (Argentina) where he grew up. Since then he begin exploring different styles of music learning percusion, drums,and later piano. In 2011 he started his carreer as a Dj aka "Vlad Sacker" playing and producing Dark Techno, with this aka name he could reach the Top 7 Releases Hardore/Techno on Beatport with his debut album "Changes".

In 2015 he begin studying in the university "Untref" Lic. in Electronic Arts doing 1 year of the carreer. Later that year he has the fortune to start working on his music with Diego Tuñon from the famous band Babasonicos and Jimmy Van M from Bedrock Label, there he develop his producer skills in profesional Studios like "Siesta del Fauno" with Ernesto Romeo (Synth Master) where he began to combine analogic and digital sounds learning to mix and master on another High-Quality level.

Because of all this transitions and new musical needs in December 2016 he decided to change to his real name "Stefan Soare" making Deep-house to Melodic-Techno his new styles of producing and playing music.

As a Dj his carreer start in Clubs like Cocoliche, Bahrein, Bars Resindent, Cycles, with "Stefan Soare" in 2017 he played in Destino Arena(Mar del Plata) sharing the summer schedule with Nina Kraviz, Luciano, Nick Warren many more in April that same year he did his first europe tour "Spirit Awekings" playing in Rome and Berlin where he lived 8 months and had bin Resident in "Mein haus am See", "Cobra" and "Transit", he participated in "Kraken Festival Berlin" 2017 sharing the gig with artists like Clouds and Agents of Time. In that tour he decided to start making Live Sets performing with analogic synths and own bases and samples.

As a Producer since 2016 he begin producing/mastering other artists helping them to achieve their goals and also he has stundents learning with him the art of producing music. His debut release with Stefan Soare was in January 2018 "Get Stuck" EP with SpinTrack Label and it was also part of Brasbeat(Brazilian Label) Essential Compilation, in 7th July he released a advance digital single "Aliens Exist" of his first vinyl "Dione" that will come out in August/2018 with Bardo Records this is a universe thematic Ep and includes 4 tracks all produced and mastered by him.

Actually he is back in Buenos Aires producing/mastering for clients, has 5 stundents and plays in Local Club like "Vox", Bahrein,Electronic Cycles,Own Venues, has 2 Residences one he make Dj Sets and the other he make Live Musical-Visual shows combining diferent styles of music, also he is working and his 3th release that is already supported by Hernan Cattaneo and hopefully will get out in the next months by Sudbeat.

Stefan is looking foward on his project to move in 2019 definitely to Berlin where he will start Sound Engineering in the university "Kunstler Berlin", he see himself in the future playing his music around the world using the creativity and his big imagination as a weapon to try to resolve society issues and foment a positive way to treat the animals, also he likes being the head to produce bands, artists, build his own profesional studio and label, bringing to the world diferent kind of music that he feels it has clear messages.

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