ELAmental is a concious Hip-Hop emcee and songwriter residing in Portland, Oregon promoting liberty, peace, community, culture, and cannabis for the divine plant medicine that it is.

A quote from ELAmental:

"I want to free the minds of those that have been subjugated by societies oppression, to the point of completely loosing touch with real existence. People are stuck in a plastic fake reality that they are conditioned to submit to. I want to de-program people from this and expose them to the truths of this world. Let’s wreck the hex of this planet and bless the rest that’s damaged. It is time everyone became conscious and aware of what is required from us as members of the Earth, for us to finally live in harmony with it..."

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Nice track bro, that video is coming together too, great work!
ELA Mental on ShitCoins  3 years ago
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by ELA Mental
Released 3 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap, Conscious Hip-hop, Underground Hip-hop, Spiritual
Song #2 from ELAmental's debut album, *The Hex Wrecker*. This one is called *Love Forever*, and is one of my older compositions. It is about how we are all connected on a higher spiritual level, whether we want to admit it or not. I also describe how we are meant to live in this world, and how living by these principals will lead us to a better, healthier planet and way of life. This realization is derived from another realization that we as humans are directly connected to nature, and what affects it will affect us. Ultimately, we are the one's who control if this world is improving or dissipating, so we should take heed to that responsibility, and rise with high caliber action.
by ELA Mental
Released 3 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap, Funk, Underground hip-hop, conscious hip-hop, spiritual
The Mic's my lightsaber is a track I wrote to express how the force of energy in an emcee's microphone is comparable to a lightsaber, and go into abstract concepts relating to the power of the people resisting oppression. Please enjoy, and let me know what you think. Lyrics: Harnessing the power of the crystals with energy Removing all the forces that have forced they're way into me Holding in what I got left saving it for the conquest I 'll make no promise cept that we makin' progress Now take these concepts and turn em into a vortex traveling to the end of space now there's even more next pouring out my soul chest following it to the most blessed even if we give it our best, we still be - put to the test And wonder why? That' the wrong question , How do we get higher, how do we stop stressin' Just put a guess in - meditation, stop your mind , slow your soul, see the whole - relation What's the situation dialectic its electric in the method in this process of perfection Its called I put my best in - what you have in mind? i follow that divine to my soul design Cuz the mics my light saber (repeat) When your moving with a purpose then your feeling the force When there's no other options left I break out my my sword Now as im spitting on the mic im activating the light Concentrate on the right path inspirational strikes back So create me a flight path and maybe we might have a new existance no resistance to what your mind grabs So lets walk in the mine shaft - still reppin the rhyme craft Be grateful for what we get even if its a dime sac Im bringin time back - cause the past is gone I had no idea we would lasted this long We stay strong through the mission - everybody listen We bringing it to the brink of extinction - lets ressurect lets show respect to the future The here and now is set - respect is what we used ta get - and bet - the force is surrounding - and bound by the fate on which you're counting its astounding how we taking down kings but the thing is - all we doing is letting sound ring Letting sound ring Letting sound ring Letting sound ring When your moving with a purpose then your feeling the force When there's no other options left i break out my my sword Cuz the mics my light saber (repeat) Third eye open Jedi walking the sky bringing forth dire moments and expandin the minds Cuz the mics my light saber (repeat) Hey yo we slaying the sith, i be obeying the gifts that are given to me fufil the prophecy yo rollin through the forest of shadow they bringing armies to battle we bring resistance to rattle them um They callin back up - as we callin to turn the track up We start to rack up - force abilities in fractions when we get the whole amount then we're called to action the light illuminates and the dark's distractin im unclosing the caption the reaction is our fate don't dilate your destiny stay in tune with your recipe hey better pay attention when the intention is great follow through with what you do and manifest creation Let's keep it blazin in fact - not time to be layin it back its time to be laying down the track - for those comming after so lets exit all this evil blow it through the rafters to another dimension that's what's coming after we got the old school tactics bringing it back to active - ation relax the way in is right here to make sure your sights clear this is not the night fear - it is the light love white dove existing right here - with a nice nug cuz the mics my light saber lets activate Credits: from The Hex Wrecker, released July 10, 2018 Beat by Culley & Co-Produced by JLR Productions. © all rights reserved