I'm Taylor! Here to share some silly music I made a while back, working on a proper debut record with a great producer of adult music... coming soon! www.taylorabrahamse.ca

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Taylor A Eh  2 years ago
Thank you!
Taylor A Eh  2 years ago
Curious to try this out
Releases by Taylor A Eh
by Taylor A Eh
Released 2 years ago
Folk & Singer-Songwriter, Comedy, Elton John Style
A heartbreaking ballad I made with my pal Tim Burns with some spiritual guidance from Elton John.
by Taylor A Eh
Released 2 years ago
comedy, childrens music, Folk & Singer-Songwriter
A song I created for Super Planet Dolan, a Youtuber. The video has over three million Youtube plays, please enjoy the song here to support the artist and then check the video out... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_HtmChvMp0