Teaching English in the east, while rapping about pieces of peace, although lyrically never seen, with philosophies lean and sustainable, swerving through your lanes like whoa, strings on all the pieces fly to space to build my peace ship, got mad technology in my speed whip, that’ll equip it for this journey trip, pop on then lean in as it zips!

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Ghjfgj  3 years ago
I feel let down by music coin, because it’s been over a month and no verification, not even a reason why I haven’t been verified yet, and I’m constantly seeing others get verified! 😟😟☹️
Ghjfgj on Mike Dynamo  3 years ago
Rospel Funk 🛸💫💥🔥☄️⚡️ tipped 1 coin to Mike Dynamo!
Ghjfgj on Mike Dynamo  3 years ago
Rospel Funk 🛸💫💥🔥☄️⚡️ is now following Mike Dynamo
Ghjfgj on UBIBot  3 years ago
Rospel Funk 🛸💫💥🔥☄️⚡️ is now following UBI$MUSIC
Ghjfgj  3 years ago
and sorry if you listened to the last track, i don't think i had an actual song on it!
Ghjfgj  3 years ago
yo i'm chilling, 2017 was what can i say nuts? but tell you what, ill keep you posted, gonna drop this song here, and then ya know!
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by Rospel D Funk 🛸💫💥🔥☄️⚡️
Released 3 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap, Alternative Rock
Enigmatic flows from the west, made a bed in peace, what’ next? Living in the east like check!