Russian MC [Hardcore HIP-HOP muSICK]

Hey, waz good people? Here my last album:

if you want you can download the album for free... I've been doing it for over two years. thanks to all great artists who supported me and helped me with this project: Skull Bludgeon (USA), Animal Cracker (USA), Alzymerz (Australia), TekNeek (UK), Mr. Morbid (Netherlands), Fatha Death (USA), Merka Mer (France), Artuuro (Latvia) & many more... MUCH RESPECT!! THANKS TO ALL PRODUCERS!!!

But now I've just started with another solo-project.. it should be EPIC! More rugged & raw style, more banger beats by my brother MadSCORP1.. 1st single droppin' soon!!

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Благодарствую, Пувлик! :)
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by NAVEH (НаВэ)
Released 3 months ago
Hip-hop & Rap, Hardcore, Epic, Protest, International, Social Hip-Hop
Featuring: Artuuro (Latvia) || Produced by: MadSCORP1 (Russia) || Cuts by DJ Mista Ches (Russia) || Mixed & mastered by: Naveh || 2011
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