Nappy Skilmore is a North American Christian Hip Hop artist, writer, lyricist, vocalist, producer. With extensive experience over a 25-year span, Nappy Skilmore has long been an overlooked and underappreciated voice for the impoverished and all-but-forgotten common folk, though his artistry is anything but common. Blending original lyricism, hot-seat topics and messages of faith and struggling with faith, with boom bap, non-traditional gospel and blues, Nappy Skilmore has continued to challenge the status quo as well as his own discipline. Independent releases such as 2015's HardBody and 2018's SlumperpHunk, showcases Nappy's unnerving approach to searching definition and purpose, while consistently holding his own behind the mic with little to no features. Nappy Skilmore plans to release three more projects before the end of 2018 and will continue raising his voice for the voiceless.

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by NappySkilmore
Released 3 years ago
Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, Alternative, Trip-Hop, Christian Hip Hop, Boom bap
Nappy Skilmore performs his single "Psycho Analysis" Produced by Sick rat