I entertain and empower through the sounds of music. They Sleep, We Grind!!!

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Magix King replied on HearAndLikeIt - To the Stars  4 years ago
Thanks this is great to know
yeah, i like this..
Magix King on Fall Nights  4 years ago
Ima south side, lake shore drive, harolds eating King with a crown.... GANG
Magix King on Speaker Creature  4 years ago
Magix King on Deadly Buda  4 years ago
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The sound is so dope. They Sleep, We Grind!!
Magix King on DeLigur  4 years ago
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Magix King  4 years ago
I think you deserve everything. Share my music and i will return the favor.
Magix King replied on Magix King  4 years ago
Thanks for the follow, hope you enjoy the vibes.
Magix King on Snow Bootz  4 years ago
[New Release] I think you deserve everything!!!
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by Magix King
Released 4 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap, R&B & Soul, Spoken Words
I think you deserve everything!!!