Polemos mixes classic and progressive rock, metal, folk and world music influences to create a powerful soundscape for protest lyrics about the anguish and opression of everyday life. Polemos is about freedom, friends and conscious revolt.

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Polemos  3 years ago
Thanks for visiting people! I tried to post the lyrics here, but it didnt work out. Our try again!
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by Polemos
Released 3 years ago
Rock, Progressive Rock, World Music, Metal, folk, celtic, synth, hard rock, heavy metal
Don't you feel enormous pain When the invisible hand strikes again Can't you see the incoming blow As it goes the market flow Don't you feel the constant kills On behalf of his insane will Can't you see the mercyless beast Starving mankind to make his feast Can't you see his thousand minions Slaving mankind to make his millions Can't you see the growing misery It's the Market's tendency There he is and his lustfull will Invisible hands with dreams to steal Heart of stone and lust for gold Famine slaves beneath his throne Now he speaks words of treason Seducing mankind disguised as freedom White-collared bishops of profit Telling mankind to live by the market Will you face satanic mills Will you stand still Will you be forever his slave Aren't you enraged ? Masters of disguise Don't tell your lies, cause i will not buy Lords of Warfare How you dare To make this world so unfair How don't you care Take away your lust Your gold I cannot be trust Cast away your smoke Your oil and your dope Bury away your guns Your minions and scum Forget away your plans Of threats and evil scams Release away your slaves Workers of minimal wage So God, forgive He might For I won´t give you this right