RIAA Certified Platinum Hip Hop music producer, visionary and entrepreneur – these words fully describe the powerhouse that is Donald “XL” Robertson.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Robertson has always had a love for all things music, especially music production. As a child, he was heavily influenced by his parents, who always had music playing around the house. He grew up on sounds of Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz and Motown Blues. While honing his music production skills, Robertson noticed that he had a knack, almost a sixth sense, for knowing where the change in his music should take place. He always found the perfect spot to add breakdowns, verses and hooks. This innate ability mixed with his talent and varied musical influences led to a position as an in-house music producer with Master P and his team at No Limit Records in 1999. Robertson states that he would produce 20 – 30 songs per week, of which about half of them were placed on albums. He successfully had songs placed on gold and platinum selling albums from artists like SIlkk the Shocker, Master P, Snoop Dogg and C-Murder. After he mastering that side of things, he wanted to go further into mixing and mastering the records as well. The desire to learn about distribution and the business side came shortly after and Robertson sought out those with the capacity to teach him what he wanted to know.

After the untimely death of his 22 year old sister in 2001, XL ended his time at No Limit and took his talent to California where he started a new venture. As a dedication to his sister, he formed his very own Production & Media Company, XL Productionz, focusing on label relations, A&R and Music production, among other things. In 2003, he formed his own Publishing company, No Mistakes Allowed Publishing, where he ensures that music creators are rightfully compensated for their creations.

Make no mistakes, Robertson has experienced the rise and fall of the industry and knows what it takes to achieve levels of music success. He states; “I’m the guy you want on your team, I know the playbook and the game. I base all my decisions around that feeling I get when I hear a record for the first time, I just know if it’s going to make an impact or not. I focus on the music and that’s a formula I will never change”.

Putting that same passion and feeling from the music he began to create as a child, into his music today, Robertson mentioned that he loves working with original artists and is always excited to see how far they push the envelope. Through his production and publishing companies, he seeks to help new and established artists, not only create great new music, but ensure that the music is enjoyed by listeners across the globe. You can follow the music and XL Productionz on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, Youtube and all other social media outlets.

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I love the line "She showed me a good time sometimes" classic!!!
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Great song, I love the arrangements nice!!!
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Thank you!!! I really appreciate it! I'm new to the platform and looking to upload more songs your tip is very encouraging!
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[New Release] "I Get Love" is a mid tempo (88BPM) southern themed hip hop song produced by Donald XL Robertson most known for producing the hit single...
Donald XL Robertson  3 years ago
I'm loving the sound quality!!! most streaming services don't sound this good!
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Dope! As You Can See!!!
The Quality Sounds so good! ok musicoin Wow! #PainKillers
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I love this song!!! Classic Dawn Gun / XL collaboration the rotating record is dope!!! #GetPaper
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Incredible artist, super talented!!!
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by Donald XL Robertson
Released 2 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap, Dance & EDM, Jazz & Blues
Work is an uptempo dance track featuring Goya Honey created with fun in mind. it's meant to have people on the dance floor. © 2018 XLP Universal Content Creators All Rights Reserved.
by Donald XL Robertson
Released 3 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap
"I Get Love" is a mid tempo (88BPM) southern themed hip hop song produced by Donald XL Robertson most known for producing the hit single "Nola Clap" ©2018 XLP All Rights Reserved.