3 Minutes of Sideproject is a Pop Punk / Alternative Rock side-project band formed in Bandung early April 2017 starting from the Dimas Mohammad M and Ridwan Maulana projects. 3 Minutes of Sideproject consists of people who have different musical backgrounds. Comprises of Wilky Lorenca on vocal, Ridwan Maulana on bass and synthesizer sometimes, Adi Akbar Virdaus on Guitar Vocal, Galih Seto R on drum/percussion, and Aldiray Juniardi on Guitar. They are ready to give their enthusiasm through their music.

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by 3 Minutes of Sideproject
Released 2 years ago
Pop Punk, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Rock, Alternative Rock
Lyrics by: Ridwan Maulana Produced by: Ridwan Maulana, Dimas Mohammad M Available on Apple Music, iTunes, Deezer, and Spotify