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hello everybody, today is Saint Valentine's day and i want to share with you a beautiful irish love song from my album Vita Dominae. I hope you will enjoy it! https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0xbde9b2942106af6975c41524b6ad00f318481346
Grazie Marco :-)
I'm glad you like it ^_^
Thank you so much!
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by Melanie Bruniaux Anima Keltia
Released 6 months ago
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An other song of my album Vita Dominae: Tabhair dom do Lámh (Give me your Hand). It's an irish melody, according to Edward Bunting (in "The Ancient Music of Ireland"), blind by Irish harpist "Rory Dall" of Londonnery (north of Ireland, 1570-1650) in 1603 in honor of Lady Eglinton, while visiting at the Scottish nobility. Arthur O 'Neill (1737-1816) reports that, wanting to know Scotland, Rory visited many of the nobles as a Chieftain including Lady Eglinton, who, did not know his rank, asked him peremptorily to play. Rory refused and went away angry. When the lady was informed of his rank she apologized and sought reconciliation. Rory wrote for her "Tabhair dom do Lámh", this beautiful song. It is a question of engagement, played during the Irish weddings. With a sweet and impressive text. Not only speaks about the couple but also about the love between peoples and religion. The english text: Just give me your hand, Tabhair dom do lámh. Just give me your hand And I'll walk with you, Through the streets of our land, Through the mountains so grand. If you give me your hand. Just give me your hand, And come along with me. Will you give me your hand, And the world it can see, That we can be free, In peace and harmony? From the north to the south. From the east to the west. Every mountain, every valley, Every bush and birds nest! Just give me your hand, Tabhair dom do lámh. Just give me your hand, For the world it is ours. All the sea and the land, To destroy or command, If you give me your hand. Just give me your hand, In a gesture of peace. Will you give me your hand And all troubles will cease, For the strong and the weak, For the rich and the poor? All peoples and creeds, Let's meet their needs. With a passion, we can fashion, A new world of love! Chorus: By day and night, Through all struggle and strife, And beside you, to guide you, Forever, my love. For love's not for one, But for both of us to share. For our country so fair, For our world and what's there.
by Melanie Bruniaux Anima Keltia
Released 7 months ago
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The year 1580 saw the publication of a series of love song of a gentleman to his lady Greensleeves. This English song describes the love of a boy for that young man, who loved to walk in the fields and returned to the castle with its long sleeves dirty grass green. Richard Jones with the title "A New Courtly Sonnet of the Lady Green Sleeves" in 1584 drew up the final version, still performed today (at least in terms of melody and a good part of the text with 17 stanzas). Legend has it that it was Henry VIII to write this song for Anna Bolena, in 1526, at the beginning of their relationship, when she made him sigh.