4Unity Corp (Nonprofit 501C-3) will utilize Musicoin’s blockchain based music streaming platform which pays per play as a fundraising tool to relaunch the Food4U & Resource program. The inspiring and motivational track “I Need” will be the song used in this campaign, which empower not only the local community but people around the world who want to contribute to a good cause without the financial burden. All you have to do is press play to listen to “I Need” on Musicoin, and the blockchain does the rest. It will pay for the play, and 4Unity will use the funds to host Food4U events, which will provide free food and mental health resources for the homeless in the city of Hartford. Our goal is to reach 1 Million plays for “I Need” on Musicoin by July 1st 2018.

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This is amazing . Thank you all
Thank you all for your help. We are new to this Blockchain Information and it's amazing what's happening
4Unity Corp (Nonprofit 501C-3) replied on I Need  3 years ago
Thank you
4Unity Corp (Nonprofit 501C-3) replied on I Need  3 years ago
Thank you so much
We at 4Unity are so excited about this amazing fundraising opportunity. We will be able to support our community in need at such a larger scale and we have You, Musicoin, and all the listeners to Thank. God Bless every who Press Play in support of this great cause
4Unity Corp is now following Pain United with Passion