Hailing from Pasadena Ca... Hip Hop artist Bad Nuze is delivering to the world music that feels good to the soul..

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[New Release] Off The Liez And Rumorz LP..
[New Release] From The Liez And Rumorz LP.
New release!
[New Release] Long live 2Pac
Bad Nuze replied on SkwadZombiez prod by: LA'Ment  4 years ago
Appreciate it...
New release!
[New Release] Off "Tha Lies And Rumors LP"
Bad Nuze on High ft. BadAss (DPG)  4 years ago
[New Release] Song of my project "Topik Of Diskushun" :the prequel
New release!
New release!
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by Bad Nuze
Released 3 years ago
Hip-hop & Rap
Off The Liez And Rumorz LP..