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Releases by Vincent Arnd
by Vincent Arnd
Released 4 years ago
Jazz & Blues, Ambient
Define as a land between two seas, an isthmus is a also a symbolic signification of a separation of two ideas, two elements or two worlds. Founded in 2017, Isthme is composed by five young musicians from jazz scene. However, the quintet is crossed over many different musics styles While it assume the historic legacy of jazz, mostly from the New York's scene of the last decades, Isthme incorporate to his esthetic composition many influences, mostly derived from a way to think music process. From rock to folk, but also passing by rythmic an modal harmony from Middle East, the quintet is not looking to a kind of syncrestism, and develop a coherent universe who shows the complementarity of thoses influences and their unicity. Above the visible forms, the main goal is to find a common state of mind. On stage, Isthme is offering a powerful band's sound, and delivers an energic and aerial music. At the same time, the band invite the auditor to a kind of introspection and inner feeling.