Behind the moniker, we find the Swedish Uppsala-based musician Joel Gabrielsson. Joel has a very international backgound. He grew up in Singapore, studied at the School of Movement and Performance in Finland and in 2009 he relocated to Ukraine for a couple of years. It was during this time that his interest in composing music started taking a more important role.

He was particularly interested in electro-acoustic and ambient music, and began to experiment with sounds, textures and electronics in his home studio. The following years were spent fronting the drone-pop band Toys in the Well and performing venues around Europe.

After moving back to Sweden, into a small cottage in the countryside, Joel started to develop a new, solo recording project. The result is Flyinglow, an electronic sound perhaps best described as Scandinavian, drawing inspiration from fellow Swedish artists like The Knife, I Break Horses and Little Dragon.

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Flyinglow on Clockwork  2 years ago
[New Release] Following April's single 'Clockwork', this self-titled debut album is a stand-out performance in songwriting, production, voice and inst...
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by Flyinglow
Released 2 years ago
Electronic, Indie, Pop
Sweden's latest rising electronica star goes by the name Flyinglow. Taken from his forthcoming album, Clockwork is a deep, magical synth-pop track with powerful instrumental production and a strong vocal performance. We are very excited about the album-to-be, so stay tuned.