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by Australian-Songwriter
Released 8 months ago
Acoustic, Rock, Folk & Singer-Songwriter
On a normal Tuesday night, much to my surprise, a girl I met online today, wants to meet with me tonight. In Melbourne for a week, on a working holiday. I drove to keep her company, now I can't forget her face. She wore a beautiful disguise, but there was sadness in her eyes, because she's trying to find a way that she can face another day. With the body of an angel, every night it's up for sale. You just close your eyes and fantasise about being on your own. So you're saving all your pay, for a place to hide away, but the memories of your working days will haunt you til your grave. Your time it isn't free, last night it was for me. It's Wednesday I've got Violet on my mind... "If only you realised you're worth so much more, and let yourself be happy, while you've still got the choice. Because it won't get any better, until you change the road you're on" Its Wednesday I've got Violet on my mind. "I hope this song will comfort you, when you're laying there alone. If you need someone to talk, I'll pick up my phone." Or maybe Im the fool? Blinded by your lies. It's Wednesday I've got Violet on my mind.