✨Recently won the popular vote for the b-side project remix competition 2018 which is associated with Sound on Sound magazine and Sponsored by Prism Sound, Genelec and Shure, the track features vocals of from the very kool Grace Savage, and will released on an album through Rocstar (and distributed by Republic Of Music) πŸ’Ώ http://bit.ly/2Fg4nkO πŸ’Ώ also won best remix 2015 with Sista Zukie and the Choosen Few Records Remix Competition 2015 with a remix reggae track πŸ’Ώhttp://bit.ly/2EUr6W1 πŸ’Ώ - Early history played at many festivals including Haigh festival 2011 and the lake bala, castlemorton, m5, green man, seven sisters, ribbleshead to name but a few of those 90s uk free and most fun festivals that got banned! Got my first drumachine in 1982 a Roland tr-606 and have been obsessed with electronic music creation ever since🎸 joined a few more mad bands along the way did a music production course at manchester midi school 🎡 and have been producing and playing in bands ever since with my own studio setup and mastering services πŸ’Ώ Help and support other artists of all genre with weekly worldwide community driven support group playlists for both Musicoin πŸ’° and Soundcloud ☁️Enjoy Peace! :) ✨

✨Watch Clubfungus - Kurt State do a live electronic gadget filled performance on youtube with a break down of the Clubfungus studio equipment used on the link below..✨


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Nice 1 Ralf! :)
Super kool! Thankyou Kathy! :)
Thanks Fleursonseaux! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Words In Space - Tunq, Tea Man & GROTESKTHESUBHUMAN"
Deep spacial smooth dark energy sits nice with those kool mysterious vocals Tunq! Great Collab guys! Nice work! :D
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Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Coastline"
Clean crisp guitar and airy full rich vocals, love the harmonies Shavon! Kool! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Schuld sind immer nur die anderen"
Positive upbeat kool energy and drive Ralf! Sounds Mint man! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Strange"
Love the bubbly running energy and kool warm vocals! Sounds mint W&W! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Frozen In Time - Paploviante (feat. Jack Tahbaz)"
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Frozen In Time - Paploviante (feat. Jack Tahbaz)"
Kool positive flowing energy and atmosphere Jack man! Sounds mint my friend! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Caedmon Rigby & The Couch King"
Kool swagger this track man! Top vocs and vibes! Nice 1 guys! Mint! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Nicky Havey - Uproar - Out on Allowance Records!"
Airy electric wash of sounds takes me on a top D&B fuelled journey man! Sound Mint Nick! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "Hero's feat BetaPSI (prod by BetaPSI)"
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Smooth flowing sounds and kool vocals and spits! Sounds mint BP & vizualye! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "3p Jam"
Electric spacial energys and kool journey Spaceschneider! Nice 1 :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "My Amazing Life"
Love this punky psychobilly energy! Great vocals! Catchy! Nice work Kathy! Sounds mint! :D
Clubfungus - Kurt State tipped 1 coin on "feat. Mc Srah Ofah - Please"
Crisp drums and kewl mysterious flowing energy! Sounds mint Ugochill! :D
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by Clubfungus - Kurt State
Released 1 year ago
Alternative Rock
The worrying situation for all life on this planet and my personal take on it all is a lack of vision at this most important turning point in human evolutionary history from the leadership at the top throughout the world as we plod on with our human made self perpetuating blinkered destruction, putting profit before planet and seemingly unable to break the cycle, ever since i was a kid back in the 60s i have seen nothing but the same re-vamped political nonsense and corruption at all levels of society with 0 change as we continue to follow and embrace and set further into stone the same visionless materalistic and religious idealistic values which are layered with a thick coating of personal stigmas and bad vibes we put upon each other, which over time have now been engraved and built into our psychological makeup, leaving the true vision and prize lost which is now endagering all life upon the planet and if a fundimental change and shift doesnt happen we will destory the lot on this unique floating paradise oasis garden for all life in the eternal darkness, good food for thought while i hope you enjoy this original and positive fun filled thought provoking electronic alternative rock styled triple track remix and good vibe collaboration featuring the very kewl words and vocals of the very talented Couch King Presents and ENILSounds! Celebrate life we are all brothers & sisters! Peace! :D ************************************************************* subwav.com/games/SpaceInvaders-master/ β–’β–’β–„β–€β–€β–€β–€β–€β–„β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–„β–„β–„β–„β–„β–’β–’β–’ β–’β–β–‘β–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–‘β–Œβ–’β–’β–„β–ˆβ–„β–ˆβ–„β–ˆβ–„β–ˆβ–„β–’ β–’β–β–‘β–€β–€β–‘β–€β–€β–‘β–Œβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–’ ▒▒▀▄░═░▄▀▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░▒▒▒▒ β–’β–’β–β–‘β–€β–„β–€β–‘β–Œβ–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–’β–’ ************************************************************* subwav.com/games/delta-master/ β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β–„β–€β–ˆβ–€β–ˆβ–€β–„ ─────────────▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ─────────────▄─░░░░░▄ β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ”€β”€β–„β”€β–„β”€β”€β”€β–β–Œβ–Œβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–Œβ–Œ β–Œβ–„β–ˆβ–β–Œβ–β–ˆβ–β–β–Œβ–ˆβ–Œβ–ˆβ–Œβ–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–Œβ–Œ ************************************************************* subwav.com/games/pacman-canvas-master/ ╔═╗╔╗─╔╦╗╔══╗╔══╗╔╦╗╔═╦╗╔══╗╔╦╗╔═╗ ║╔╝║║─║║║║╔╗║║═╦╝║║║║║║║║╔═╣║║║║═╣ β•‘β•šβ•—β•‘β•šβ•—β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•”β•—β•‘β•‘β•”β•β”€β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•šβ•—β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β• β•β•‘ β•šβ•β•β•šβ•β•β•šβ•β•β•šβ•β•β•β•šβ•β”€β”€β•šβ•β•β•šβ•©β•β•β•šβ•β•β•β•šβ•β•β•šβ•β• *************************************************************