Born and raised in Etobicoke Ontario, Hølly P (formally known as Christina Paśion) had always been surrounded by a musical environment. Growing up her father was a disk jockey playing various venues within the Toronto area showcasing music from the 80s to early 2000’s, her mother waitresses and hosted karaoke parties filled with popular ballads from her home country and American culture. Hølly P takes inspiration from those early events in her life along with the many experiences she has faced since then. Compiling lyrics since she was little about her battles with depression and anxiety, heartbreak, young naivety and fun. She brings to her listeners a new sound to her music that is expressional, relatable and catchy. Making her debut in venues throughout the city and tv networks with the new releases of her current music she is prepared to share with the world ♡

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Thank you ! ♡
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Hey guys ! check out my new single called "Unprotected" Best paired with a long hot bath, glass of wine and some indica ♡
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by Hølly P
Released 2 years ago
Indie, Pop, Ambient, Downtempo, Vocals & Acapela
Recently debuted on local television networks, the track "Unprotected" is bringing both a charming yet sorrowful feel to the listeners to which they will find they relate to most after a heartbreak or stressful day. A song thats perfectly paired with a long hot bath, a nice glass of wine and some indica.