tekno music free party from 1996

vynil registration and live set

band Olstad sound

rave party euro tour


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OBY ONE Olstad Sound  3 years ago
i have more vinyl and live set to upload but i need a verification ... so much good tekno old style rave
OBY ONE Olstad Sound  3 years ago
hey guys just release one my old record from live set is a vinil from 1998 tekno music free party .... the band is Olstad sound sistem .. yah baby we make history in tekno music and we are organize ur collection on musicoin ... soon all the band will join and we will open a channel for the band too ... enjoy ... so old ... yeahbaby 1998 live set tekno rave music
[New Release] vynil record from 1998 tekno free party olstad sound system rave
Releases (Unverified Musician)
by OBY ONE Olstad Sound
Released 3 years ago
Hardcore Techno
Side A vynil record from 1998 music style - Rave tekno free party band . olstad sound system Olstad sound was one of the pioner sound system in europe for the Tekno rave movemant Oby one was one of the artist play live set this is one of the 3 vinyl production from Oby one