Negre Marron records is an Up-and-coming internet record label, founded in NYC 2018 by René Guemps.

We're an Experimental and independent Netabel that produce and distributes Haitian musics through digital audio formats over the Internet.

Our mission is to take Kompa from where it is, to where it wasn't.

Negre Marron only focus on Haitian Kompa infused Music and only invest, publish, and promote up and coming artists that we like and excited about working with.

Negre Marron Records is genre-centric and only focus on Kompa and Beat (K&B), Crenglish Hip hop, Frenglish Hip Hop, Crenglish Rock and Pop, CreoSp[anol Ballad, Kompa Love/Soul, Ragga, Rap Kreyòl, Rabòday, Gospel Komap - Kompa Kretyen and Folklore

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