The Elf Puppets were an Alternative Rock band originally founded by Clinton Alden (aka Clinto) and Kelly O'Shea (aka Kellzo) in the winter of 1987.

The Band’s first 4 song EP, Elf Puppets, No Strings Attached, was completed in early July of 1998.

Executive Producer : Clinton Alden

Associate Producers: Mark Rainbolt, Paul Alanize, Jackie Don Loe, Kelly O’Shea

Engineered & Mastering by Paul Alanize, Mark Rainbolt, Clinton Alden

Produced by : HenHouse Productions

Recorded and Mastered at: Hothouse Recording, Dallas

Published by : O’Shea – Curnutt & Associates


Kelly O'Shea - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Clinton Alden - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboards

Jackie Don Loe - Backing Vocals, Melody Guitar

Mark Brattin - Drums

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Clinton Alden (Elf Puppets)  11 months ago
That's some really cool music.
Clinton Alden (Elf Puppets) is now following The Maniac Agenda
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by Clinton Alden Curnutt
Released 11 months ago
Rock, Alternative Rock
When we released this track on back in the day, the best review called it "Stoner Rock". The song was a hat tip to Al Hubbard, ie The Captain, and was inspired by the article, The Original Captain Trips, by Todd Brendan Fahey, Published originally by High Times, November 1991. (You can read a republished version here -->