Ever since age 12 He's been dreaming of becoming someone who would be immediately recognized when people hear his name.

He started his love for music at the age of 12 where he got inspired by Hardwell with his amazing set in 2012 at Tomorrowland , since then he set a mission for himself that he would some day rock the crowd and bring emotion to music like Hardwell did.

He started small , got all the production tools started out with headphones , and DJ when he could

Since then he just upgraded and got better equipment , more experience and got a better understanding of everything overall

Dj-ing with music Ranging from House to Drum And Bass, The Bpm changes came easy

Doing multiple events for multiple clubs and getting accustomed with what the people like to hear his name has since increased and is now on a big up rise to success

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Releases by Nautica Music
by Nautica Music
Released 2 years ago
House, Deep House, Future House
by Nautica Music
Released 2 years ago