Melissa B. has been garnering much attention from fans and critics alike since she independently unveiled her debut EP Exclusively in 2015 in which she was considered for a Grammy nomination. She eventually released a commercial song called “Dancing in the Rain” which shot to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Single Sales chart sitting only behind Demi Lavato and Lana Del Ray. This was only the beginning for the South Carolina born and globally raised singer/songwriter whose powerful vocals immediately hypnotize and captivate.

Melissa B. would follow with a 9 song collection Computer Love Album which continued to cement on the European charts in making Melissa B. as one to watch with another consideration by the Grammy Academy in 2017 for “Best Urban Contemporary Album”. On the heels of the new music, Melissa B. was announced as a Brand Ambassador for the SNOW APP in South Korea. Audiences are currently being treated to seeing Melissa B.’s sultry, beautiful live performances. Most recently, Melissa B. was just nominated for the Josie Music Awards with “Best Female Artist of the Year” for independent artists.

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Releases by Melissa B.
by Melissa B.
Released 1 year ago
R&B, Adult Contemporary, R&B & Soul
This song "The Light" is for all of our brother and sisters who are being taken to the light too soon. We as a nation are going backwards.
by Melissa B.
Released 1 year ago
R&B & Soul, Indie
Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Melissa B. returns with a highly anticipated new song “Same Thing.” The new song written by Jarvis Edwards and produced by Obrian. Lyrically, Melissa B. was inspired by, “The power of a woman’s mind and body.” On this powerful new track Melissa B. questions “Does she touch you like this?” and “Does she love you like that?” It’s clear why the Factmag recently hailed Melissa B. as a “Future R&B Diva”