Kayatma - one of noticeable projects on the Russian ethno-electronic psychodelic scene. The music adjoining on a joint of a psychill, a newage, a breakbeat and the melodic jazz - the real charge of light optimism.

Mixture and interpenetration of cultures of the different people on a fertile field of modern electronics. Movable by a little naive dreams of world peace, Kayatma travels around the planet, collecting precious pearls of original melodies and sounds. Absorbing these unique national distinctions in music, realizing identity of each ethnos.

As the body (kaya) aspires to a unification with soul (atma), and musicians of all continents through harmonious vibration seek for establishment of contact between people, the nations, cultures and even religions. Kayatma finds thin balance of sounding of tools unjoinable in the usual sense in the compositions and the harmonious courses.

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Constantin Kayatma on Laser harp  3 years ago
New release!
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by Constantin Kayatma
Released 3 years ago
bass breaks
The composition is played on a laser harp -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krbLqWl9Yzw