Keyvous has been making music all of his life starting professionally at age 11 with his friends Robin Thicke, Brian Greene and Adam Schwartz. Together they started a group called THINK TWICE….

But let’s start at the beginning: Keyvous was born in Oregon and raised in Venice and South Central, California. After his single mom moved him to the San Fernando Valley, anxious to get into live performing, Keyvous found himself auditioning and appearing in school plays and talent shows. Helping to create the group THINK TWICE, he began writing songs and performing music on a professional level. Keyvous has since worked on many levels as a singer, songwriter and rapper. He has traveled world-wide with his groups THE LEAGUE and LEON ROCKMORE who, most notably, have gone on to platinum sales status twice in Southeast Asia.

Keyvous enlisted co writer and super producer Nice from Fly High First Music who has produced for Tyga, Game (Switch Lanes) Co written by Jay Z plus Jermaine Dupree and YG (This Year) just to name a few, in order to create his sound for his solo efforts. Nice is the creative drive for Keyvous’s style though Keyvous does work with other produces such as Vision, DJ MOD, D-Cash, Danny Lindholm, RedDrums, Ron-Ron on the Beat and Jay Plot to keep creatively indulging in different genres of music.

His various experiences have taught him that diversity is the key to longevity.

Music is meant to be shared and shouldn't be a selfish art.” When asked to describe his style Keyvous has a hard time defining it in words, he likes to refer to his music as “Upscale Urban”


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