Good wines, friendship and independent Rock are what unites us and keeps us motivated to come to you.

Tanino 1413 is the result of the first formation that dates back to 1985, always integrating the independent music scene of our region of São Paulo from which the main streaming music never gave us access and we believe that we were very happy with it.

Just as Tannin is the ingredient for the maturation of good wines... time and life have shown us that music is our Healing.

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Tanino Catorze Treze  3 years ago
Very very Thanks ,( My_Livin_Truth) And sorry about our dalay... We are working very hard man! Portuguese its easy man! kkkkkkk
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by Tanino Catorze Treze
Released 3 years ago
Indie, Alternative Rock
"Vade me cum" is the Latin expression that means "accompany me", widely used as a legal expression, this language was the inspiration to sing the tragedies of feminicide.