MUSIC Ambassadors is a musical band and composers integrated by Music Ambassadors around the world.

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by MUSIC Ambassadors
Released 3 years ago
Indie, Global
MusicLove first Musicoin Ambassadors song. Isaac Mao: Ukelele (Musicoin founder) niuQuin: Keyboards synth (Musicoin Ambassadors director) Dj. Lethal Skillz: Electro Drums (Musicoin Ambassador Asia) Asterios Papastamatakis: Keyboards synth bass (Musicoin Ambassador Greece) Soundphaser: Keyboards (Musicoin Ambassador Portugal) PUP Crypto Kings: Voice (Musicoin Ambassador USA) Loco Brusca: Voice (Musicoin Ambassador Spain) Toyo: Keyboards gtr (Musicoin Ambassador Japan) Ed Privat: Voice (Musicoin Ambassador South Africa) Lorenzo Pistolesi: Voice, gtr. (Musicoin Ambassador Italy) RaPoet: Voice (Musicoin Ambassador USA) Idea and production: Martin Lacabanne ( niuQuin ) For you dear MUSIC with all our LOVE