Hello! I am Geroy and I'm a musician and producer of my soundtracks. I have several musical influences that combine from experimental songs to indie rock, grunge and mpb. My focus is on soundtracks, a dimension that deeply explores the connection with music, the theme and the memories and feelings that they can evoke! I am from the megalopolis called São Paulo and certainly my music reflects the rhythm, order and chaos of this city and the city that dwells within me! Great pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy this trip!

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Geroy  9 months ago
Very excited to produce my songs!
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by Djero Lenius
Released 9 months ago
soundtrack & Alternative Rock
Misty Mantra Journey is a soundtrack that has the tones and rhythms of an inner journey. Inspired by the mandalas and sounds of Tibetan mantras it is an invitation for introspection and meetings with yourself!