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david on Om Namah Shivaya Chanting  3 years ago
This is one of the best OM Namah Shivaya i have heard. Extremely good....
david on Pranavam (1008 Om Chants)  3 years ago
OM the eternal sound of the universe...... Divine
i would love to hear more from you. Your chants are too good. Its very powerful.
david on Emotion  3 years ago
"Emotion" lovely instrumental.....
david on Flamenco Surprise  3 years ago
loved this one :)-
david on An Ode To Shakti  3 years ago
Very nice ;)-
Its the best chant i have heard. Feels so peaceful and relaxes my mind.
I love your voice Sahil. Beautifully chanted.
david on SSJ Productions  3 years ago
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