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“Musicoin will bring a level of transparency and fairness to the music industry that has never been seen before! It has the potential to completely change the way we consume music.”

Musicoin is a decentralized system for the publication and consumption of music, which combines a cutting-edge cryptocurrency with a peer-to-peer file sharing network.

How does it work?

Musicoin allows musicians to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a “blockchain”. These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of the artists themselves. Each time a track is played, the "Pay per Play" contract is executed by the system, resulting in a payment from the listener to the musician. The musician controls how each payment is divided.

An example PPP contract. Musician allocations are for illustrative purposes and can be configured differently for each track.

Listeners can access a global catalog of music stored on a peer-to-peer network and pay artists directly using digital currency, based on their usage.

Ease-of-use tools can be designed to allow a seamless experience for both listeners and musicians, and an open protocol will allow third-parties to build a rich ecosystem of value-added software and services.

Can I try it out?

Users interested in mining Musicoins will be able to start mining on the network on February 10th, 2017.

For musicians interested in publishing music and listeners interested in trying Musicoin, please contact us on twitter or join our slack channel for more information.

Will there be an ICO or bounty program?

No. There will be no pre-allocation of any kind, not even to the founders. Additionally, no coins will be mined until February 10th, 2017.

Why Musicoin?

By providing a distributed and highly transparent platform that connects musicians and listeners directly, Musicoin lays the groundwork for a new age of music that is sustainable, borderless, and fair to all stakeholders.

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