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SOP PODCAST: MEET FRANCINE AND MATTHIEU LATREILLE - ORGAN DUET FROM CANADA Welcome to Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast! Today's guests are Francine & Matthieu Latreille, who are Canadian organists and choirmasters, currently sharing duties as co-directors of music for Saint Thomas' Anglican Church in Belleville, Ontario. Both recitalists in their own right, they are active as soloists as well as a duo on the North-American scene. The husband and wife team regularly gives joint concerts since 2009. They also share a deep passion for sacred music and liturgy. They served together at Saint Ambrose Episcopal Church (Claremont, CA), before coming to Belleville, Ontario, where they live since 2014. I've talked with Francine last year on the podcast and I'm glad I had a chance to interact now with them both. In this conversation let's find out how Francine and Matthieu practice, perform, work and even how Matthieu recently recorded his own solo CD recording. ​Listen to the conversation ​Relevant links: Matthieu's CD Page: Their Website: Their Facebook Page: Matthieu's YouTube Channel: Francine's YouTube Channel: