by John Lyons

published on

Lonely Fool She's just 18 years old She's ready to spread her wings and fly And now she has to make a decision She got to choose one or the other guy Lonely fool... Oh lonely fool she's gonna choose you Don't matter who that girl gonna choose Some lonely boy is gonna have the blues Work hard, make your money Go to work every day You try do the right things, but it's so hard, All them problems get in the way Lonely fool...Time gonna catch up to you No matter which road you choose Oh Someday, I know you're gonna have the blues hey....(instrumental solo part) One day you're gonna be sorry But it's gonna be too late Your girl done walked out on you And your friends they all gone Lonely fool, I know someday you gonna be cryin' No matter which road you choose I know , I know someday you gonna be cryin' the blues yeahhhhh You work hard for your money You try to do the right things but you still end up down Sometimes Life don't seem so fair Sometimes nobody cares No matter what you do I think you gonna cry the blues