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Episode 10 - Blockchain Basics - Consensus Algorithms This week we have a great discussion with The Bitcoin Dood where we learn about his thoughts on the crypto space in general and some coins he has high opinions on. We also go in-depth with the different types of consensus algorithms to give people a better understanding of how it all works. We have a coin focus on IOTA, continue our 3 on 3 fast break, (where we pick 3 coins from the 300 market cap ranking and tell a quick summary of them) and continue our weekly coin challenge. Join us every week to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, stay up to date on all crypto news, and listen to compelling interviews and discussions. Make sure to keep up with the BitcoinDood on Twitter @BitcoinDood and Twitter: Facebook: iHeartRadio: Google Play Music: iTunes: Youtube: Website: Email: #bitcoin #crytpo #cryptocurrency #lightningnetwork #philosophy #quantum #segwit #ethereum #altcoin This is not investment advice.