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"Highland" by Colie Brice III "Released in 2006, Blues v. 2.0 features some straight up 12 bar blues intermingled with my usual eclectic variety of songs and sound scapes. Some stuff is just the sonic equivalent of scribbling, other songs are hopefully a bit more substantial. Whose perception has the right to say which is which? Anyway.. Thank you so much to all the people who have supported my work. Your support means a great deal to me and I am deeply grateful. Money isn't everything, but it sure as hell is validating when someone patronizes your art. It also helps sustain you emotionally, spiritually and in practical ways. At any rate, here are my personal track descriptions for Blues v. 2.0: HIGHLAND - one misty day a lone bag piper stood on the shores of the Barnegat Bay and inspired me to create this tune and try to replicate the haunting sound of the bagpipes on guitar.. " - Colie Brice III