by Secrets of Organ Playing

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Aria “Mein gläubiges Herze” From Cantata No. 68 (Organ Duet) As part of our Bach's 333rd Birthday recital Ausra and I have played this aria “Mein gläubiges Herze” From Cantata No. 68 (Organ Duet). The registration was: soprano solo - flutes 8', 4,' 2'. Violoncello solo - Viola Gamba 8', Rorflote 8', Flute 4'. Bass - Principal 16', Flauto Major 8' and Flauto Minor 4'. In the second half of the aria when the soprano stops singing, solo oboe enters and our assistant changed the right hand stop combination accordingly. Ausra played soprano and oboe parts on the right, and I - violoncello and the bass on the left. Let us know if you enjoyed this beautiful piece.