by Destiny Flamzy Marshall

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The World Loves Binance A song made and dedicated to the binance project - The Crypto exchange Giant ☺ and also an entry to the #BinanceMusician - Lyrics of the songs below verse one Crypto world,Is beautiful And i can drink to That because its true All crypto traders /use binance /number 0ne exchange /its safe And we are happy we could buy and sell. A place to trade your cryptos Make profit buy your lambos Binance you know is the right platforms Binance makes our dream come true.x2 - Hook Trade any time want On pc and smart phones Trust Binance for the job It's used all over the world x2 -Chorus The world love binance (ooh) All TRADERS use binance I know you love binance Cause i love binancex2 - Rap. Dear traders/Binancians Binance is the best, and you know that. With the Low fees anytime i trade man And a very low Charges when i transfers Binance makes its easy to crypto A crypto noob too huh could crypto / web interface smooth/ And the apps too Binance is here so you could trade cool. Repeat and the end THANKS FOR LISTENING