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 SOP Podcast #7: Janis Kalnins on Latvian Organ Culture Welcome back to Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast! Today my guest is Janis Kalnins, a Latvian organ builder and restorer and we talk about his experience with his craft and about Latvian organ culture. "We have about 350 organs and almost all of them are historical because they were built before 1940 except of some of the instruments which were transported after 1991 from Sweden or England. So soon there will come a time when most of the Latvian organs will be 100 years old. The most valuable part of our organ culture is 19th century instruments - we have some world renown treasures such as organs in Riga and Liepaja Cathedrals and other beautiful instruments and of course the organ from 1701 in Ugale - one of the oldest organ in the Baltic states." Secrets of Organ Playing: