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Pinch Of Salt Throughout history nations have fought tooth and nail. History is a bloody business full of intrigue, war and enslavement. This century has ramped up the pressure, pitting East against West. Again! When, in fact, we are all children of Mother Earth, or God depending on your belief system. We should therefore love one another… nourish and sustain one another. The chief culprit in maintaining our paranoia is the news. The old adage, 'Don't believe what you read in the papers', is true. Political news is designed to maintain a state of fear, suspicion, and the inclination to create enemies where none exist. It's generally a pack of lies, fake, a distraction, and deception. Pinch Of Salt is gritty angry rock, ranting, wailing and railing against an evil king and all his servants. Plus a little homage to Kurt Cobain! PART OF AN EXCLUSIVE MUSICOIN EP