by Diego Soddu

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The Men and The Machine - Inverno Frequenza Black Label FREQBL002 - The Men and the Machine Release date: 23 October 2017 Buy Link: THE MEN AND THE MACHINE Formation born in 2017 with the encounter of three Sardinian artists coming from the Conservatory of Cagliari“Giovanni Luigi da Palestrina”. They combine their skills, derived from different work paths and different musical experiences, to produce techno music in the true meaning of the word: using machines and new technologies. The productions are aimed at the destruction of ancient traditional production systems, without altering the essence that the three composers consider sacred. The name "THE MEN AND THE MACHINE" comes after an analysis of the relationship man-machine, which in this historical period is of crucial importance for the evolution of the human species, in fact in this interactive age, man has dominated the sciences, medicine, improved his life and with it tries to save the world, returning a better planet to live, right thanks to the new technologies. Their production method uses new concepts, derived from visual arts, theater, dance, advanced sound engineering, and serial productions of music for movies, exhibitions, interactive and sensorial installations. The three artists focus on musical research using the techno music they are passionate about, in which they can convey their research into a common production. Frequenza Black Label is the new concept label from Loui Fernandez, an output for quality Techno, Tech House and Deep Tech music - part of the Frequenza Records label group. distributed by AMPsuite.