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Time of my Life In pop mode here - a song from my first album. Time Of My Life I am young and I'm free. Got no flies buzzing around me. I can make a plan Build castles in the sand. You can kick em right back In my face, I don't mind Cos it's the time of my life. I like it here, I like it there Anywhere will do, I don't really care. Waiting in the rain for a girl who never came Well that’s ok, it's alright I ain't looking for a wife Cos it's the time of my life. Time, time, time keeps flashing on by, My oh my, see it fly. Time, time, time keeps ticking on But life is sweet, it's a bonbon, c’est bonne. C’est le temps de ma vie Mes amis Credits Written by Steve Elliott Produced by Sasha Badeshkov Guitars: Sasha Badeshkov, Steve Elliott Bass: Sasha Badeshkov Drums: Alexey Kravtsov Vocal: Steve Elliott Backing Vocal: Ruzana Lukjanov Engineered & mixed by Nik Lukjanov