by Zander Yates

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Call Me A Rat - from ESC Key (2017) From my 2017 album ESC Key Thank you for listening!!!! <3 Lyrics: Call me a rat! But I'll lead my kind out from the maze. Coming to you on a mission from the moon. I have been watching and I know what you can do. I can see the lies with my own eyes so no surprise, I don't know what's okay to say but I know how to find how we can be alright. If you see what you believe, can you believe in what you see? If you believe in what you see, can you see what you believe? Child of illusion living in reality, how to not perpetuate the pain you perceive: the maker of the lock is the same maker of the key. It's kind of like a dream. Do I have reasons for what I do and how about you? Why so somebody else-ish? Trust in only what is genuine. Before it's all over release four leaved clover