by Jordana

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Resistencia The intro of this tune is in the FREE CeCe! documentary film produced by Laverne Cox (Orange is the New Black/Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Jacqueline Gares. After they heard an earlier untitled version of it posted to my Soundcloud I was asked to score the majority of the music heard in FREE CeCe! It was an honor to be chosen to score music for such an important project examining one woman's struggle for justice in a system stacked against her. See for screening and more information. If you like Drum & Bass/Neurofunk with a Rock/Metal edge this tune may be for you. The production, drum programming, keyboards/synths and guitar work are all me :) BTW: This is actually an instrumental version of the song. Like Rainbows Not Enough (It All Goes Dark) this tune will have sparse lyrics. I've just not gotten around to voicing them yet. "Resistance is resilience and resilience is resistance." "Must defy those who would deny our own existence." "Resilience is resistance and resistance is resilience." "Both take persistence and a little bit of brilliance." "Strength is self-evident."