by Neon Insect

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Thoughtcrimes In case you know my music, you'll figure out, this is different. For me, this is somewhat back to the roots. This is the kind of music I did before I went into soundtracks. Oh yeah..and this is my voice - don't worry, won't show it too often ;) With my new album "Glitches" - which will be released in February - I try to merge my roots with elements from my soundtrack work, which - in my opinion - made for an interesting experience. "Thoughtcrimes" is a somewhat political song, based on my favorite book "1984" by George Orwell. I think freedom of speech, and the freedom of thoughts are important goods, that are in danger even in some places of the western world. In fact, some things happening these days remind me to Orwell's book. "Fakenews" - a word popularized by an american president and used by many, even in press - is a prime example of Orwell's "Newspeak".