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AVA243: Comparison of Dupre's Improvisation Method On A Free Theme With Sonata Form This question was sent by Luciano and he writes: Dear Mr Vidas, Thanks for your reply. Apart the mini course I have a question /big doubt and hope you can clarify. -I found your article "Steps in Composing Organ Sonata " of 13/09/2012 and found it very interesting and clear: it is a kind of Template which I'm using with satisfaction (I'm Composer Amateur and write music only for my satisfaction). - Many years ago I studied the Book of Marcel Dupré :Cours Complet d'Improvisation à l'Orgue" and find something similar but not the same : it is a Binary form exposition I'm sure you know this book and -my questions are 1)are these Templates (yours and the one of Dupré the same thing or not ? 2) Dupré explanation does not mention a secondary theme (is he referring to a monothematic exposition?) 3) In the Dupré Book 1 Page 59 there is a General Plan of "his" Form But now I'm confused since there are substantial differences if compared with your Steps Thanks in advance if you will have time to clarify Luciano