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 SOP Podcast #24: Paul Cienniwa On The Art Of Memorizing Music Welcome to episode 24 of Secrets of Organ Playing Podcast! A resident of Fall River, Massachusetts, Paul Cienniwa leads an active musical life in southeastern Massachusetts and the Boston/Providence regions as an organist, harpsichordist, and conductor. He is director of music at First Church in Boston, where he plays the three-manual Casavant organ (Op. 3140), the single-manual Casavant (Op. 3129), and leads the professional First Church Choir for weekly broadcasts on WERS (88.9 FM) Boston. In recent years, he has been featured organ soloist at Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, Busch Hall at Harvard, and MIT Chapel. Cited by the Huffington Post for his “inner sense of creative flow, fueled by an abundance of musical imagination and desire,”Paul has a florishing career as a soloist, recording artist, and ensemble player. He was awarded the Doctor of Musical Arts degree in harpsichord from Yale University in 2003. Paul strives to bring the harpsichord to new audiences by creating a spiritual communion through focused interpretations intensified by memorized repertoire. In this conversation, Paul shares his insights from his newest book "By Heart: The Art of Memorizing Music". Enjoy and share your comments below. ​ If you like these conversations with the experts from the organ world, please help spread the word about the SOP Podcast by sharing it with your organist friends. Relevant links: ​Paul Cienniwa's website: "By Heart: The Art of Memorizing Music":